A long lasting tradition is the making of earthenware, with the genuine Delft Blue crafting technique, original Iznik-made patterns from Turkey and several other application techniques plus a wide range of stunning uni colours. The charm of the ceramic products made by our high-end suppliers are the aesthetic hand made look and feel that remain visible in each item seperately.

Every Suit’d Suits product model has a master mould. This master mould, made of plaster, is a model in the equivalent form of the product to be. Out of this master mould are fabricated more negative models, the so-called production moulds, after which the product can be made in series.

The next step is filling themwith liquid clay. A part of the clay attaches itself to the inside of the model. The rest will be poured out. When the clay is dry, the mould (which consist of several parts) can be opened. The product is taken out carefully. Subsequently the product is polished, that is to say, the unnecessary bits of clay are scraped off and lumps in the soft clay are removed with a sponge. After this the clay is baked for the first time. Clay that is baked once, is called ‘biscuit’. The definition of biscuit is dry and still porous pottery, ready for further treatment, towards glazing or hand painted decorations and their crafting techniques.

Genuine Arts and Crafts
Each hand painted decoration is made and applied seperately by artisans with many years of experience in the typically crafting technique. Depending on the Model type and kind of decoration, skilled workers decorate each product by hand.

The Delft Blue technique from Holland is protected by UNESCO and re-named as Dutch cultural heritage. Suit’d® Suits is very proud to add value to the workers, their skills and to customers with products that contain this genuine craftsmanship. Each Delft Blue product from Suit’d® Suits is 100% hand painted in Holland, so each item is unique. Ready to stay present for at least 400 years.

Image: Colortests ceramic single covers with pigment powder © VeggieinPumps
Image: Colortests ceramic single covers with pigment powder © VeggieinPumps


Woodmaterials by Plexwood® are a line of innovative wooden semi-finished products that can be used for multiple applications, due to its composition and the way of production. The wooden veneer-based line structure makes Plexwood an aesthetic and graphic material, without it dominating the overall appearance. The build-up, consisting of end grain wood and wood with the grain, makes it durable and generally stronger than normally sawn wood. It has a unique clear line structure.

The woodmaterials are FSC and PEFC certified and come from commercial harvested trees. The types of their remarkable kinds of wood and their products are being fabricated in The Netherlands. Bio-degradable coatings are being used to give each product its suitable finish – for Suit’d Suits Models Berger Seidle Aqua Seal Monotop matt varnish is used, allowing the woods to stand out even more and at the same time preserving them.