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Ceramics by Royal Goedewaagen

Royal Goedewaagen is one of the oldest ceramic factories from Europe. They still make the same crafted ceramics as 400 years ago, although they nowadays combine the original craftsmanship with the most modern designtechniques. Doing so the possibilities have grown too. Traditional molds combined with design results in innovative creations.

Back in 1610 the foundation was formed for Royal Goedewaagen its current concern. It started with pottery, half-industrial ceramics and Delft Blue. During the years Goedewaagen expanded and became one of the largest pipemakers in Europe. As of today they still make this variety on ceramics. All acquired traditional knowledge is completed with answers gained from the quest for creativity. Creativity in thinking along with clients, looking for unique ceramic products.

Dijkstra Kleiwaren

Dutch clay and tile factory Dijkstra Kleiwaren manufactures traditional crafted tiles in various styles. From start till finish each tile is made at their own factory in Frisia. They produce all kinds of tiles and clay-based products for flooring, ceilings, roofs and decorative elements.

Both the craftsmanship and the art from tilemaking, accompanied with the typical Dutch painting techiques with their distinctive recipes, have been past on from the older generation to the next in line. Where tradition from many centuries ago still is being practised by Dijkstra its ceramists and painters.

The craftsmen and -women working at Dijkstra paint their artwork on a genuine and authentic way onto the tiles and tiled sceneries. Both classic and contemporary designs can be delivered – the ancient Frisian and Dutch craftsmanships are in good hands.

In direct collaboration with Dijkstra, Suit’d Suits created with the crafting skills from Royal Goedewaagen the Tile Series collection. These models have the appearance of tiles, which makes them perfect to integrate into every interior, where details count. The Suit’d Suits tile collection is available in 2 sizes:

• 100 x 100 x 11 millimeters (l x w x h)

• 130 x 130 x 11 millimeters (l x w x h)

Additional wall tiles on these sizes and suitable thickness (10 millimeter total height, 1 millimeter calculated for the application- or tile glue) are available in colourglazings and hand painted designs.

© Iznik Foundation, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics
© Iznik Foundation, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics

Iznik Netherlands / Iznik Foundation Turkey

The Netherlands and Turkey share a joint history in handpainted craftsmanship, dating back to the 16th century. With offices in Amsterdam and Istanbul, Iznik Tiles and Ceramics supplies hand decorated quartz tiles and ceramic products, produced in its ateliers in Iznik, Turkey. The Iznik Netherlands division was founded as an European branch for the Iznik Foundation (est 1993), which together with its partners re-ignited a revival of the art of Iznik-tile making in the early 1990’s. The core business consists of tile murals and tile furniture in both traditional and contemporary designs, supplemented with the production of vases, plates, bowls and various other ceramic products with the signatory Iznik designs. Its production process includes the application of over 75% of quartz in the ceramics glaze, giving the items extra durability.

Together with Iznik Tiles and Ceramics Suit’d Suits can offer their clients genuine made Iznik art. Applied in various colours and patterns onto all ceramic products in general, both Cover Models as Tile Series. Contact us for the possibilities, MOQ and lead time.


Keen on real and durable processed woodmaterials? Made with true devotion and unique craftsmanship Dutch woodfactory and innovator Plexwood® produces several astonishing types of special made woodtypes. Their materials possess a highly graphical appearance as it consists of several fine layers veneers end−grain wood and wood with the grain.
This gives a clear line structure for graphical effects appearance and makes the panels stronger and more stable. The material that can be used conceptually for interior purposes. Colours available: birch, beech, oak, pine, pine/ocoumé (combi), meranti, ocoumé, poplar and deal. Products are made as: A strip, parquet strip, plank, tile, panel one−sided, panel two−sided, panel flexible, solid and profile. Within these product−groups many variations are possible.

Together with Plexwood we made improvements on the earlier made Cover Models including their woodmaterials. Thinking about the environment and reducing waste materials, for an even more sustainable future, keep focussing on minimizing our footprint.