It’s all in the details.

Since 2012 Suit’d Suits provide clients all over the world with their remarkable solutions for the interior indoors. With a wide range of catchy natural materials, several designs and multiple models, it offers a suitable alternative to style plastic build-in power outlets, light knobs and related parts – so called wiring accessories.

The Models – each with its own characteristics in appearance by its chosen material, design and size – are divided in two categories: Cover Models and Frame Models.

Cover Model single, handpainted Delft Blue. Design: Dutch Portrait
designer Erik Boogerd at X BANK, Amsterdam

“I truly believe that the finishing touch of a gorgeous power outlet gives so much more to a room and the people living and working in it. Our products make people smile and that gives me energy!”

– Founder & Designer Erik Boogerd

Tile it up.

With the ceramic Cover Models it is easy to hide wiring accessories inside a tiled wall. The particular Models do their magic and the end result is that the wall stays flat, with all electricity hidden inside. Perfection within the detail, where quality is required.

Project application examples

  • Mosque interiors
  • Museums
  • Restaurant bars
Cover Model single ceramics, made by Iznik Turkey

Image: Tiled single ceramic Cover Model 2012 series with Berker S.1 poweroutlet. Both the quartz-ceramic tile and the poweroutletcover design are made by Iznik Foundation in Turkey.