Collaboration Suit'd Suits and Iznik

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Suited by Iznik

In 2016 Turkish ceramics manufacturer Iznik Tiles and Ceramics and Dutch design brand Suit’d® Suits started a new collaboration, under the name Suited by Iznik. This partnership is focussing on the translation between arts and crafts from the East and contemporary designs from the West.

The collaboration Suited by Iznik results in two main product lines, with different applications and end results:

• Cover Model: Fit the standard wall parts of Type C, E, F build-in power outlets, switches and related parts. These ceramic models can be placed within the wall, on the same level as wall tiles, for an invisible result.

• Frame Model: Fit the external part of a wide variety of wiring acccessories from the Berker Q.7 series. These frames are assembled on a transparent plastic carrier, similar to the standard Berker Q.7 product line.

More information about the Berker Q.7 range:

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